Sandhill Crane Migration Poster or Postcard



Product Features:

      • 🎨Hello Friend, Your high-quality print is ready for you. You may have a heart connection with this special place or know someone who does. Your print will make an amazing gift or addition to your room!
      • 🎨The poster size is 12x16. The postcard is 4x6. Both are printed using museum quality archival inks.
      • 🎨Your print arrives unframed via Priority mail 2-4 days in a flat sturdy envelope. 
      • 🎨Wholesale rates are available upon request.
      • 🎨 Commissoned by Sam Phillips. Every year from late February to early April, over 600,000 Sandhill Cranes magically migrate on the Platte River valley in order to ‘fuel up’ before resuming their northward migration.