Recycled Door and Window Collection

Hello, thank you for visiting! These paintings are one of a kind original creations painted on recycled doors and windows from the Midwest. In this collection, I carefully use milk-based paints, non-toxic acrylic, clay, eco friendly-resin, and freshwater pearl to create each piece. 

Eco-friendly wood panels and reclaimed windows are the primary canvas on this series. In this work, trees have been a long-standing artistic theme. This is partly because of the years in my second home of El Salvador, a once tropical landscape now mostly clear cut. But it is also because, for me, trees stand for living, breathing creations and communities. Each one is bent, stretched and broken in one direction or another. Each one is a monument to storms weathered, seasons survived, hopes unbroken. “The secret to the life of a tree is that it remains rooted in something deeper and greater than itself” This wisdom from Brother Lawerence gets at the deepest values behind my work.

Photography by Amy Enderle.